- Easy to install

- Small, compact + discreet

- Accurate GPS with 10 second updates

- Reliable recovery of data, even when in 'no coverage' regions

- Fully compatible with Passenger and Heavy Duty vehicles

FleetUp Feature Directory

FleetUp Device


Our Live Map provides location data in REAL-TIME, powered by Google Maps API. 

Locate any vehicle in your fleet, instantly!

Live Map


FleetUp provides unlimited Geofencing! Draw fences around your site, your customers' locations or any locations your employees should NOT be frequenting. You'll receive an email alert, each time these fences are trespassed.

Route Management

Using geofences, optimize your drivers' routes and increase the efficiency of their work day. FleetUp calculates how long your drivers stay inside your geofences and the how long it took your drivers to get from one geofence to another. Learn how long vehicles are remaining at job sites and transit time.

Vehicle Tab

FleetUp provides a complete trip history for each trip including fuel consumption in gallons. Replay any trip to view where your drivers went and the alerts triggered along the way.

Alerts Tab

Receive email alerts when your vehicle triggers any of the following:

Speeding, Idling, High RPM, Entering/Exiting Geofences, Engine Trouble Codes,
Low Battery Voltage, and when the device is unplugged!

Select a range of dates and vehicles, and export reports!
FleetUp provides various reports : Instant Alert, Daily Report and Weekly Summary. 

Use our reports to see how you can optimize your operations, which of your drivers are most efficient, and which areas your fleet can improve to save on fuel expenses.

Automated Reports

Access FleetUp from your Android or iOS Device

Search Functions

Search bar has been added to the platform and the mobile App. Search for specific vehicles or vehicle types on the Vehicles tab and Alerts tab. On the mobile app, your searches will carry over when switching over to different tabs.

Need Help?

If you need assistance in getting started with any of the basic features, visit our Online User Manual for step-by-step  instructions!



ELD is an Electronic Logging Device that automatically records driving time, as well as monitors engine hours, vehicle movement, miles driven, and provides GPS location details. Current drivers who are required to log Hours of Service (HOS), will be required to use ELDs as mandated by the FMCSA.

Electronic Logging Device

Driver Chat

Using our web platform, dispatchers or fleet managers have the capability of communicating with their drivers via chat. Drivers can download the HOS app to utilize this functionality!


International Fuel Tax Agreement

Driver Vehicle Inspection Report


Save your drivers time with their inspection reports by going paperless! Drivers can access DVIR from our HOS app, complete with signing and certifying them.

FleetUp provides a mileage report per state. Fill out your IFTA reports with ease and accuracy!

FleetUp HOS App available for Android and iOS

Custom Filters

FleetUp notifies you how many miles remain on each vehicle, before the next maintenance task needs to be performed. Customize which tasks you want to input and the maintenance cycle for each one (e.g., oil change every 3000 miles).


Create custom filters to view specific vehicles and maintenance tasks, to better manage your fleet. Save these custom filters for easy viewing and modify as needed. Export maintenance reports to view how much each type of maintenance task is costing you.

Plan ahead on routine maintenance tasks with our eMaintenance Feature!

FleetUp provides fuel consumption in gallons for every trip. Each month, learn which drivers are wasting fuel, how fuel is being wasted and how much it's costing you. FleetUp aims to reduce your fuel waste to 5%.

Fuel Waste Report

Track Your Delivery

Issue a Tracking ID per delivery or shipment! Allow customers to track your vehicles until your drivers arrive at your customer's destination.

Increase your customer service level and their satisfaction,

which leads to an increase in revenue!

Fuel Level Tracking

FleetUp's device has the capability to read how much fuel remains in your engine (for protocols J1939 and J1708) -- the percentage of fuel remaining is displayed on the vehicles tab.  Use this real-time data to monitor against fraudulent fuel purchases and make sure vehicles are filled up before a shift starts.


Group Icon

Group Icons tell you how many vehicles are located in a region. When you have a large fleet, this icon is more useful than seeing each individual vehicle's icon.

When you hover over your group icons, a vehicle list will appear, letting you know which vehicles are located in that section.

Group List

Request this feature to be activated to see your Geofences on your Live Map and Replay Videos!

Geofence - Overlay

Geofence - Speed Limit

Set up speed limits inside your geofences! Each fence can have its own maximum speed and you can choose specific vehicles that apply to this rule.

Geofence - Delivery Confirmation

Use Geofences to notify your customers that a delivery has been made. Use these records to verify deliveries were on time and against customers' complaints!

FleetUp Data Integration using Web API

Email Settings

FleetUp provides a variety of alerts -- let us know how frequently you'd like to receive them: instant, daily summary or weekly summary email alerts can be sent. We recommend having instant email alerts for important items like DTCs but a daily summary or weekly summary email should suffice for items like speeding.

Does your business utilize a system that could benefit from integrating with FleetUp's web API? Let us know and our team can provide support for integration.

Enterprise Mode

FleetUp is able to support fleets as small as one vehicle, and as large as thousands. To make it easier for our clients to manage their larger fleets, we provide an 'Enterprise Mode'.  This allows admins to have access to all the fleet, with each location or branch as its own account. Managers will be able to monitor only their account or location, and drivers will be limited to access their assigned vehicles online. Enterprise mode becomes very necessary as our clients grow.

Daily Trip Trail

Daily Trip Summary feature allows a user, to map out the routes of all trips taken in one day. Users have the option to ‘load’ a specific trip or all trips. Using this feature, a fleet manager can analyze all trips and stops made and create a more efficient delivery route to optimize their daily operations. Daily Trip Trail will also support the ‘breadcrumb’ feature. Users can select the interval for which they wish to view breadcrumbs — a breadcrumb will tell user the timestamp, location and speed along the trip.

Need Help?

If you need assistance in getting started with any of the optional features, visit our Online User Manual for step-by-step  instructions!

You can also visit our Support Page to chat with a live agent or send us an email!

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